Day 233: Dark Chocolate Wake Up Call

Today I’m getting back on the horse. I was on a roll there for a while, I had it all sorted…and then I got crook, injured my ankle and kind of lost the plot. I’ve been mostly sleeping – when not working – since last week. And obviously, not writing. You would think that writing would be an easy thing to do while I feel like crap and lay in bed all day, but for me writing is an activity that requires a lot of energy. It’s the last thing I feel like doing when I’m half asleep.
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Day 225: “Is this son the one you waste your kingdom on?”

Today I cooked a lamb curry. Cooking things like curries in my house is a tightrope walk of the kitchen, because I have to make it spicy without being hot in the mouth in any way. But I am happy to report that I nailed it. Probably because once again, I distrusted my culinary creativity and used a recipe.

In other news, I’ve been continuing my And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead education since I am going to see them in less than 24 hours (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!). So today I’ve been blasting the Lost Songs album. Continue reading

Day 200: Tights Can SO Be Pants!

Today I spent Day 200 doing what I’ve been doing since the beginning of this blog: road tripping to the beach. It may be the middle of winter, we may be experiencing a weather front so cold it’s called the “Antarctic Vortex”, but screw it, the sun was out and I had a whole day free. The beach was calling me. And as you can see from the pics, the Antarctic Vortex was nowhere to be found. It was beautiful. Good decision, me.


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Day 190: Bloodstone and Diamonds

Speaking of bands I should never have stopped listening to: Machine Head! I love those guys but again, I haven’t been keeping up with their output since I was in high school. So my Remedial Metal 101 album of the day is their latest, Bloodstone & Diamonds from late last year. I blasted that shit while I did the washing up and cooked dinner, because that’s the kind of badass mofo I am.
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Day 188: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

What a great name for a band. I’m pretty sure it was that ridiculous name, coupled with the even more ridiculous band photo I saw in a magazine that I wish I could find right now, that made me want to check them out in the first place. I’ve loved these guys since I was a teenager, and discovering that they have, in fact, made new music in the last five years that I haven’t heard yet is a great excuse to talk about them.
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