“I’m out my ramen noodle”

I’m starting to realise how difficult this undertaking is going to be when I have a million things to do and accidentally sleep in until midday. So hard to set aside enough time for spontaneity.

Nevertheless I did try one new thing today. I had ramen for lunch. Haha as I’ve said, it all counts! I mean I’ve eaten ramen before, but not of my own volition, always with friends. Usually if I walk into a food court I head straight to Maccas. But, as the newly-minted embracer of the new that I am, I turned my stomach elsewhere. Continue reading

New Year, New Beginning (For once in my life…)

It was put to me by a friend of mine that I should start writing a blog. I enjoy writing immensely and I seem to have a decent knack for it, so it seems like a legitimate suggestion. A fantastic suggestion, until we come to the teeny tiny little stumbling block. I don’t have the first idea of what I should be writing about. What to say? My life isn’t really interesting enough to be worth blogging about. And then it occurred to me…the fact that I feel like I have nothing to say is not a problem with the idea of blogging. It’s a problem with my life. I should have things to write about, and if I don’t, well maybe it’s about time I start changing that. Continue reading