Day 245: “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”

Helter Skelter…what a rad song. Anyway, I literally do have blisters on my fingers because yesterday in celebration of spring being sprung, I spent the day outdoors in the sun weeding, trimming, mowing and otherwise tending to the garden. The very first time I mowed the lawn I bemoaned the state of my hands afterwards and said that I should buy some gardening gloves. Apparently that is a lesson that takes a while to sink in because I still haven’t got them and I still kill my hands every time I garden.

Still it was a good day’s work. One of my earnest wishes for The Year of Something New has always been to get stuck into my yard and learn how to garden, how to grow things. It’s just one of those things that has been easy to put off, with it being winter or rainy or whatever else. But it’s spring now and it’s getting warmer, so no excuses. And to be honest we are fighting a losing battle trying to keep my yard and all its trees under control, so it’s best that I get stuck in either way. I think I should finally get those gloves though.

Today I have already done something radically new by waking up early and showering. No I’m not a caveman, I just always shower at night if I have to get up early for work in the morning. With my sensitive-to-the-entire-world skin, showering is an ordeal that takes quite a bit of time, and frankly it’s time that I would much rather spend sleeping. But today I decided to be up and at ’em, and I feel all the better for it. On early mornings I usually stumble out of bed and into my car in a ten minute daze, only semi-conscious and already running late. Today I walked out of the house on time, clean as a sheet and ready to rock. I may have even been awake! I could get used to this. I’m already trying to train myself to wake up earlier in the morning so as not to waste so much of it. I need to remember how good it feels to be ready for the world at 6am.

I have remained pretty slack with posting these last few weeks. Again, writing with me is an energy thing and I’ve simply had none to spare lately. But the mistake I made was forgetting that energy begets energy. Laying around all day doesn’t cure lethargy, it only encourages it. Getting up and doing something is invigorating. For me sitting down and putting pen to paper (so to speak) is the hardest part. Once I do, the words tumble out faster than I can catch them. But if I don’t sit down and start, no words come, and the longer I avoided it, the easier it was to avoid. But no more. I saw a thing called <a href="http://“>Blog-Tember which calls for one blog post every day of September. I’ve already missed that since I waited until today to write this, but only because yesterday I was so busy gardening, cooking, cleaning and doing other incredibly productive things that I didn’t have an hour to spare. I felt good yesterday, even if I hadn’t written about it yet, so that’s all good to me. Still, going forward my goal is indeed to post every day for a month. I will probably not be perfect, but I will try.

Day 233: Dark Chocolate Wake Up Call

Today I’m getting back on the horse. I was on a roll there for a while, I had it all sorted…and then I got crook, injured my ankle and kind of lost the plot. I’ve been mostly sleeping – when not working – since last week. And obviously, not writing. You would think that writing would be an easy thing to do while I feel like crap and lay in bed all day, but for me writing is an activity that requires a lot of energy. It’s the last thing I feel like doing when I’m half asleep.
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Day 125: “There’s no possession, only obsession”

Today I bought myself a brand new laptop. Get a load of that hot little number. My brand new insanely expensive high performance top of the line state of the art …cheap as hell laptop.

It may not seem like much to you (and as far as laptops go, it’s not ) but this is a big deal for me. It’s a brand new laptop. I’ve never bought a brand new laptop. In fact I don’t often buy a brand new anything. I spent less than $300 on this, cheap as chips, and still I think it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a single item for myself. Continue reading

Day 73: Just Like Riding A Bike

It’s funny how you can go to bed feeling so much different to the way you woke up. In my case, on this day, that’s a good thing. I’ve been feeling fairly blasé about The Year of Something New lately (the living and the writing) as you can see by the sparsity of my posts these last couple weeks. I haven’t been motivated to do anything interesting, haven’t had the energy to write anything at all, and haven’t been making the best life decisions lately either. Even by my standards. So the urge to crawl into my bed and sleep the stupid month of March away was growing. And then, KABLOW! I had a good day! Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn your whole point of view right around. You’ve got to take the good that life throws at you.
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Day 69: Oops…My Bad.

Sorry peepsicles, I’ve been AWOL ever since I finished recounting my epic tale of Soundwave. The post-fest malaise well and truly sunk in, plus getting sick has left me almost paralytically exhausted. Consequently I ain’t had much to write home (or here) about, and no time or energy to write about not much anyhow. But back on the horse I go.

Things began to pick up this weekend because Saturday night was Mardi Gras, and Sunday was the Cricket World Cup.
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