Day 234: Doggie-tomology…and Other Facts

Today I learned that nobody has any idea where the word “dog” comes from. Nobody knows! It just turned up one day in the English language – docga in Old English to be exact – and just never checked out. Eventually it overtook “hound” as the preferred name for man’s best friend, and the rest is history. Inscrutable history. What a wonderful reminder that no matter how much we know, we still just…don’t know.
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Day 215: Facts! The Inadvertant Explorer Family

Today I wanted to get back into the swing of things after this weekend’s brief foray into #auspol, but then I happened upon Christopher Columbus and started reading, which quite frankly wasn’t exactly the break from white people being racist that I had hoped for. But Columbus did lead me to the people who discovered North America before him, which was far more interesting. Continue reading

Day 129: Facts! Ridiculous Names of Military Operations

After discovering ‘Operation Flowers Are Blooming’ the other day, I couldn’t wait to dive into the wonderful world of naming military operations. So after another trusty Wikipedia search (I love Wiki, they have a list for everything – even this) and some Googling, I’ve found a slew of suberbly named military operations. Enjoy. Continue reading