Day 233: Dark Chocolate Wake Up Call

Today I’m getting back on the horse. I was on a roll there for a while, I had it all sorted…and then I got crook, injured my ankle and kind of lost the plot. I’ve been mostly sleeping – when not working – since last week. And obviously, not writing. You would think that writing would be an easy thing to do while I feel like crap and lay in bed all day, but for me writing is an activity that requires a lot of energy. It’s the last thing I feel like doing when I’m half asleep.
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Day 225: “Is this son the one you waste your kingdom on?”

Today I cooked a lamb curry. Cooking things like curries in my house is a tightrope walk of the kitchen, because I have to make it spicy without being hot in the mouth in any way. But I am happy to report that I nailed it. Probably because once again, I distrusted my culinary creativity and used a recipe.

In other news, I’ve been continuing my And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead education since I am going to see them in less than 24 hours (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!). So today I’ve been blasting the Lost Songs album. Continue reading

Day 216: Coffee Level: Flat White

Today I tried a flat white. My second ever coffee. I imagine that any Australians reading this will be thinking “How old are you??” Much as I imagined they were after my first coffee. (Please let us all studiously ignore the fact that I happen to be wearing the same jeans and shoes today as I was two weeks ago. I do have more clothes than this, I promise.)

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Day 202: Baby’s First Coffee

Today I drank coffee for the first time. When I tell people that I’ve never had a coffee before I really do feel like an infant. “You’re an adult, why don’t you drink coffee??” I sense them wondering judgmentally. Children drink soft drink. Grown ups drink coffee and wine. A perfect metaphor for my Peter Pan existence.

Self consciousness aside, I had my first coffee today.
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Day 194: Dry July

Today I haven’t had a Coke. Now I’ve gone days without Coca Cola before, usually under duress, but it never lasts too long. I’ve been a full-blown Coke addict for as long as I remember. And I mean that literally, I don’t know when it was exactly that I started drinking it every day, but it was a long time ago, and I can’t remember what it feels like to not crave the stuff constantly. Continue reading

Day 178: You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Today during our footy game I affected a tackle and got my opponent caught holding the ball. I’m leading with this because I’m pretty sure it was for the first time. My third year of footy and that was basically my first proper tackle. I may be the softest player in AFL history, I’m not sure, but nevertheless…I tackled someone today! Progress!

I also tried the salad thing. Really, I tried.
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