Day 220: WWE Live Sydney 8th August 2015

Last night I went to the WWE live event in Sydney. Seeing the show come to town is such a different experience than the endurance challenge that is sitting through WWE’s weekly TV shows, with all of the talking, production, overbooking and bullshit that goes along with it. It can be exhausting, but if you feel exhausted by WWE TV, go see a live show. Trust me. Continue reading

Day 180: Fitness Update

Today I went for a long walk. I finally put my car into the shop this morning for the necessary alterations, and I figured to hell with it…why not just walk home? Now this place is about a 15 minute drive from my house, putting this just on the cusp of feasibility. I’ve never walked home from anywhere near that far away before, so I gave it a go.
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Day 153: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Because why the hell not!

My relatively successful completion of the MS Fun Run on Sunday has awakened in me my often-thought and usually-quickly-abandoned desire to get fit. Now, I’m two days removed from running 10kms so I’m still very much in an “if you make me run anywhere again I WILL shoot you” frame of mind. So perhaps cardio is not the way to go right now. Instead I shall focus on some good old fashioned bodyweight exercises.
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Day 151: MS Walk + Fun Run 2015

The big day! For the uninitiated, the MS Walk and Fun Run is held every year to raise money for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, the “invisible disease” with no known cure that affects thousands of Australians and millions around the world. I went into my personal connection with MS back on Day 57. So really no kidding, this was a big day.

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