Day 215: Facts! The Inadvertant Explorer Family

Today I wanted to get back into the swing of things after this weekend’s brief foray into #auspol, but then I happened upon Christopher Columbus and started reading, which quite frankly wasn’t exactly the break from white people being racist that I had hoped for. But Columbus did lead me to the people who discovered North America before him, which was far more interesting. Continue reading

Day 58: Bursting With Excitement (Soundwave!)

I feel like I should check in today, just because I won’t be able to post again until Monday because I’LL BE AT SOUNDWAVE FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS MOFOS!!! …ahem. Did I say that a little loud?

At the moment I feel like the spaceship guy from The Lego Movie when they finally let him build the spaceship…SOUNDWAVE! SOUNDWAVE! SOUUUUUNDWAVE! OK I’ll stop talking about Soundwave.I swear. Continue reading

Day 57: I Am My Mother’s Legs

Today I started training for a 10km run. Just typing those words makes me shake my head in despair. What on earth am I thinking? I can barely run errands, let alone be able to run 10kms in three months’ time (that’s about 6.2 miles in Americanese). I must be mad.

Actually that’s a lie. I’m not mad and I know exactly what I’m thinking. This is the MS Fun Run, a charity event held to raise money for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. I can direct you to any number of helpful websites  – such as MS Australia – for way more information about MS than I can give you.

What I know is that my mother doesn’t remember what it feels like to run. Continue reading