Day 233: Dark Chocolate Wake Up Call

Today I’m getting back on the horse. I was on a roll there for a while, I had it all sorted…and then I got crook, injured my ankle and kind of lost the plot. I’ve been mostly sleeping – when not working – since last week. And obviously, not writing. You would think that writing would be an easy thing to do while I feel like crap and lay in bed all day, but for me writing is an activity that requires a lot of energy. It’s the last thing I feel like doing when I’m half asleep.
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Day 43: Sex and Tim Tams (in that order)

Since it feels like I’ve been working for three straight days without respite (oh my own bed, how I’ve missed you…) I haven’t had time to do much other than sample the odd little nugget of entertainment…or morsel of snack food. This is my life this week, shows about sex, and chocolate. I feel that was an important comma right there. Continue reading

Day 34: Soundwave Festival Scouting Report – Vol. 3

Seen that yesterday was one of those times where I left for work at 5:30am, and am just about to go home now at 8am the following morning…it was a pretty light day for adventures. I did listen to yet another band (we’ll get to that) and then threw all caution to the wind, dared the lightning, took the bull by the horns and…ate chocolate with nuts in it. I know…I know! I survived, FYI. Survived to tell more tale of Soundwave bands… Continue reading