2016/17: A Summer of Women’s Sport


I feel guilty. I try to be this advocate for women’s sport, but I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a game. I’m either working or playing or otherwise busy in life, and while I’ve been keeping up thanks to things like W League on ABC and the live streams on http://www.cricket.com.au, I am dissatisfied. I want to be there.

I’m sick of missing out, and summer in Australia is prime women’s sport season with the W League, WBBL and WNBL, so I’ve decided to knuckle down and make this declaration: I’m going to attempt to make it to EVERY women’s sporting event in Sydney this summer. By the end of February I am hoping to have attended at least 30 women’s matches, hence my catchy title.

(I caught a break because there were actually no games in Sydney last weekend, giving me an extra week to…

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