Day 233: Dark Chocolate Wake Up Call

Today I’m getting back on the horse. I was on a roll there for a while, I had it all sorted…and then I got crook, injured my ankle and kind of lost the plot. I’ve been mostly sleeping – when not working – since last week. And obviously, not writing. You would think that writing would be an easy thing to do while I feel like crap and lay in bed all day, but for me writing is an activity that requires a lot of energy. It’s the last thing I feel like doing when I’m half asleep.

I really wish I had the energy to write after I saw Trail of Dead last week, because I was having another one of *those* days, culminating in me awkwardly stalking Conrad Keely, who was at the merch table selling his own art prints, and then even awkwardly-er accidentally trying to buy one of his display-only original pieces. Sometimes I want to just stop being me.

On the plus side, watching Trail of Dead play things like “Will You Smile Again?” right in front of my eyes was magical. I will never get tired of seeing bands, and in that spirit I have already booked my next gig: Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake in October. Booya.

Anyway…back to my laziness. I hit rock bottom the other night when my friend was eating a dark chocolate fondue. I was asked the question, I mean, I was asked the question – “You don’t like dark chocolate?” – and I said I didn’t without even stopping to think when I have ever actually eaten any. Without trying it. It’s 2015 for God sakes! What am I even doing here, I need to try everything! I can’t look that kind of circumstantial gift horse in the mouth! Argh. I could have punched myself. And I realised how easy it is to keep slipping back into old habits if I let myself.

So today I righted that chocolately wrong by tasting some dark chocolate, and realising that I don’t dislike dark chocolate at all. In fact I liked it enough that I proceeded to get my bake on and try to make muesli bars with dark choc chips. “Try to” is always the operative phrase; as with most things I bake, what went in and came out can roughly be described as “soggy oats” (what can I say, I love oats…) but whatever because they taste really good and I regret nothing. I will never be a master baker (careful how you say that) but I can at least rustle up something that I personally will find tasty, if not anyone else.

So I’m back to being good now. Promise. I have picked up another new book today as well, a Kathy Reichs that I will write about as soon as I finish reading it. And so on. Onward march.

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