Day 220: WWE Live Sydney 8th August 2015

Last night I went to the WWE live event in Sydney. Seeing the show come to town is such a different experience than the endurance challenge that is sitting through WWE’s weekly TV shows, with all of the talking, production, overbooking and bullshit that goes along with it. It can be exhausting, but if you feel exhausted by WWE TV, go see a live show. Trust me.

A live show is back-to-basics wrestling. It’s simple, it’s uncomplicated. Guys just come out and have wrestling matches. You boo the heels and cheer the faces, pop for the highspots and laugh at the comedy. Nobody is working for the camera, or having a half-hour conversation in the ring, or being screwed by horrible booking. It’s just a bunch of wrestling matches. It’s fun, and it feels good. It makes you remember why you watch this shit after all.

It was a good show that never dragged. Usually at a house show there is at least one point where they lose the crowd and the dreaded “BO-RING” chant breaks out, but last night that moment never came. For example, at the point when Adam Rose and Fandango came out for their match, we were sitting there groaning, like…Adam Rose? Fandango? Urgh. But then Rose attacked him before the bell and they had this snappy little brawl with quick momentum changes, with Fandango getting the pin about 3 minutes in. It was the perfect Rose vs Fandango match. And that’s how it went the whole night: there was no standout four-star match, but everything was perfectly enjoyable, and nothing went too long.

For me, last night was the first time I wasn’t up in the nosebleeds but down in the first elevated section, much closer to the ring. It was cool to see things from a lot closer up, you could see the shots connect (or not), hear them when they yelled things out, even see their expressions. So it was definitely a different experience for me and I’m glad I spent the extra money to sit closer. (I still pity the fools who pay hundreds of dollars for ringside seats at a house show though.)

It was also nice to tick a couple of wrestlers off my ‘I’ve seen you work live’ list. I think this year’s entries were Finn Balor, Adrian Neville and Kevin Owens. Balor and Neville opened the show with a Battle of the Super Ripped Bodies. And speaking of bodies, after seeing her live and in person, I can confirm that Nikki Bella has an unbelievably banging bod. Holy Moley. I need a pic of her for my wall ASAP.

…for motivation purposes only. Honest. For the record I did get up early in the morning and go for a run. I didn’t have as much time for it as I’d planned, and I started NOPING about two minutes into my jog (oh that’s right, I forgot…I HATE RUNNING) so I changed plans and did sprints instead, which actually felt 100% better. So that may be the way forward for me if I need to put foot to ground. I don’t think trying to force myself to jog will ever work.

This was just a little teaser, I will have a more detailed fitness update up tomorrow, complete with life changing revelations and goal setting. That’s the plan, anyway.

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