Day 203: Tame Impala – Currents

Today I listened to Tame Impala’s new album Currents. I was intrigued enough to check it out after I heard the song “The Less I Know The Better”, however, musically this band is a significant distance outside my wheelhouse (broad as that wheelhouse is) so we shall see how this goes.

Like eating my vegetables, I’m finding with music that I am becoming less fussy as I get older. It’s all a matter of being willing to try stuff; this album is all synth, fuzz and beats, all chilled out electronic-sounding stuff, which is something that I would never in a million years choose to listen to normally. But once I decided to put it on my plate and eat it, I discovered that it tastes fine and I don’t hate it after all. So exactly like vegetables.

Lately I’ve been gauging the quality of new music I listen to by how much it kept me entertained while I cleaned the kitchen, hung out washing or cooked dinner, which is invariably what I’m doing when I listen to music outside of my car. In that sense Tame Impala ticked the box. This is extremely chill music, like I said it’s all beats, but the beats are solid and definitely grow on you after a few listens.

But the main thing that appealed to me, the main reason why I’ll keep listening to this once the beats have worn out their welcome with me, is the lyrics. I have an intense desire to hear these words sung aloud. The lyrics are outstanding. Just monumental, to the point where I want to check out their entire back catalogue to find more. I honestly I don’t even know how to explain myself more eloquently than simply to say that I’m just nuts about this guy’s lyrics. So, so many lines flying out at me…

“They say people never change but that’s bullshit – they do”

I am not doing this line justice by writing it down. Just listen to “Yes I’ve Changed” and see what I mean.

“I know I always said that I could never hurt you /
Well this is the very very last time I’m ever going to”

“Saying sorry ain’t as good as saying why /
But it buys me a little more time”

I’m only scratching the surface here, but I mean…Jesus. I could spend all night copying and pasting lyrics, but it would be simpler if you just listen to the album, which I fully recommend you do.

So my foray into taste testing some different musical vegetables has been…well, much tastier than eating a swede, that’s for sure.

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