Day 202: Baby’s First Coffee

Today I drank coffee for the first time. When I tell people that I’ve never had a coffee before I really do feel like an infant. “You’re an adult, why don’t you drink coffee??” I sense them wondering judgmentally. Children drink soft drink. Grown ups drink coffee and wine. A perfect metaphor for my Peter Pan existence.

Self consciousness aside, I had my first coffee today.

It’s one of those things that I’ve always had in my back pocket to try sometime this year, and this morning I realised, what the hell am I waiting for? A better day? What’s a better day, when I’m doing something new every day? What makes a day in the future better than now? I think it’s just my procrastination reflex kicking in. I mean, I take my client to a cafe every week anyway. While I’m here, why not have one?

So there it was. I tried a caramel latte, which is what people who drink coffee suggested as a good beginner’s tipple for a coffee virgin. Verdict? It was…not bad at all. Much better than I feared, actually. I have never liked the smell of coffee, so I was waiting for that strong, bitter flavour to hit me, and to be honest it never really did. I could taste that bitter coffee-ness afterwards, but not in an altogether unpleasant way. It was just like drinking a kind of weird tasting white tea, more than anything else. But then I have a feeling that in the world of coffee a latte is pretty much a cup of hot milk, so we’ll see how I fare with something stronger. I am interested to try something stronger, so I guess chalk today up as a win for coffee.

More than the taste though, the main feeling I experienced was that overwhelming sense of adulting washing over me. Sitting there at the cafe, drinking coffee, breathing in smoke, talking about the price of housing…oh how adult did I feel!

Speaking of drinking, I spoke about my sudden desire to swear off Coke a week or so ago (here), and I am happy to report that I haven’t touched the stuff since. Nine days Coke-sober. I assume it has just about left my system by now, and physically I’ve coped remarkably well aside from about half a dozen headaches (which is more than I’ve had in like the last half a dozen years…) and a newfound desire to keep the manufacturers of fruit juice in business. I’m not even struggling mentally, to be honest. I thought I would, but I don’t even feel tempted. Once I made the decision, like really made it and was prepared to see it through, it was easy. I can stare at Coke every day on every commercial, every bus stop, every shop I walk into, even the stuff that’s sitting right here in my room, and it doesn’t faze me whatsoever. Girl power! Grrr! *flexes*

I did, I admit, have a sneaky can of Fanta with my fish and chips on the weekend (Well what the hell else do you have with fish and chips?? I ask you!) but I made sure it wasn’t Coke or cola-related, and more importantly, I drank it, and then I went back to drinking water and didn’t fall off the wagon. See my problem isn’t that I’ll have a can of Coke, it’s that I’ll have five. One after the other. I’m incapable of drinking soft drink in moderation. So my hope in doing this is not that I never have another Coke as long as I live, but that I end up physically capable of drinking just one, as a treat, and not going on with it.

Wow. Trying to wean myself off soft drink. I swear for a minute there I really did feel like an adult… *sigh*

5 thoughts on “Day 202: Baby’s First Coffee

  1. I don’t drink coffee and hardly ever tea either. I have tasted coffee when I was young/child, but it was horrible back then. I guess I could try some sort of latte now that someone else has also said that the taste wasn’t what they were fearing for.


  2. I don’t drink coffee either. It does make you feel a bit child like when you meet people at a coffee house! I’d rather have my bottle of water though! Good luck with the soda – great goal!


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