Day 195: V-irgin Experience

Today I drank an energy drink for the first time. Never tried the stuff before, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Namely that I was about 36 hours into Coke withdrawal and falling asleep in my boots, so I figured I’d try a quick can of V to try to avoid nodding off at the wheel and crashing on the motorway.

First things first amaryllis…V tastes pretty gross. At least the one I had, which was the regular one in the green can. Eww. I finished the thing but it was a struggle because by the end my gag reflex was actually starting to kick in. I really found it that unpleasant. Most of all I found the carbonated, fizzy, chemical-concoction taste of it all really off putting. Yes, as a Coke drinker the irony is not lost on me. I imagine it was a similar feeling to when someone who never drinks soft drink has a Coke and is overwhelmed by the industrial amounts of fizz and sugar all up in their grill.

Beyond taste, I was actually far more interested in the effect it had on my energy levels. Like I said, I was practically nodding off at the time and I wanted to survive the return trip. I succeeded, and I didn’t feel drowsy at all on the way back, so I’m guessing it did have some effect at least. But at what cost to my tastebuds?

I’m not sold on having another energy drink yet, after the first one tasted so bad, but hopefully I won’t need to anyway as the Coke is detoxed out of my system and replaced with water. They say that you don’t feel as tired when you drink plenty of water. If so that would be great because right now I feel tired ALL THE TIME. I hate waking up. At the drop of a hat I get super drowsy and instantly start nodding off, whether it be watching TV, reading, or even driving, which is a bit of a worry. I’m falling asleep right now. Also I have this super annoying habit where as soon as I put a wrestling match on my eyes start to close, even if I’m fully awake and fully interested in what’s happening. Something about wrestling just triggers sleep defense in me now, which is awkward because I’m just starting to get into the process of watching old footage for the GWE Project. But I can’t because I can barely make it through a match without needing a nap. C’est très ennuyeux.

Anyway I’m hoping that this will improve. It’s not really all that fun going through life only half awake, which is how I feel at the moment. Please let me get to the other side.

Either that, or I move onto Red Bull.

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