Day 180: Fitness Update

Today I went for a long walk. I finally put my car into the shop this morning for the necessary alterations, and I figured to hell with it…why not just walk home? Now this place is about a 15 minute drive from my house, putting this just on the cusp of feasibility. I’ve never walked home from anywhere near that far away before, so I gave it a go.

It took about 75 mins to trek the 5.3kms back to my place (thank God for GPS in phones). It probably takes about an hour as the crow walks, but I passed a fruit and veg shop on the way, and I couldn’t resist a fruit and veg shop, even though the prospect of adding an extra load to this journey discouraged me from actually buying anything. Anyway, it was a decent walk, and I think it was good in terms of recovery to roll my legs over after playing both footy and soccer this weekend. Ever since I started driving I don’t walk places nearly enough.

Anyway, since we’re nearing the end of the month I figured I’d give an update on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge I began at the start of June: Sit Ups, Push Ups and Squats.

I guess the most remarkable thing of all is that I’ve stuck with it, save for a few minor alterations. I subbed out sit ups for planking pretty soon into it, as the sit up motion was not feeling comfy on the old ovaries, and planks still hit my abs while leaving my uterus alone. I also switched around rest days to coincide with me playing sport. If I tried to play a full game of football either before or after doing hundreds of squats I would probably die, and then I’d have “Death by squatting” on my death certificate and I’d just feel really silly. But other than that, I’ve been knocking them out.

I always find it so hard to perceive changes in my fitness, they’re always so miniscule if they ever exist at all, but I do feel like push ups are becoming easier. In the beginning doing more than say 10 was a monumental struggle, but I hit 38 today and I busted them out pretty well. I’ve done them all properly too, no girly push ups, although I can’t vouch for how great my form is.

Like I said, planks in for sit ups. When I first moved to planking I barely reached 30 seconds without collapsing, but I’ve been steadily adding 5 sec each time and today I hit the 90 second mark. End of the month or not, I may stick with this until I can do a two minute plank. That would be pretty neat.

The squatting is just…there are SO MANY squats. More than anything it’s just inconvenient trying to fit that many squats into the day, especially as I already tend to do my workouts pretty late. But the squatting itself is fine. The practice is helping improve my form, as I’m better at getting further down while retaining my balance (I have the worst balance of any otherwise-sporty person my physio has ever seen). Squatting is another thing I may well continue to do after June is over, but I’m certainly cutting down on the reps because 200+ squats in a session is ridiculous. Instead I’ll just look to add weight as I progress, like a normal person.

Actually once this challenge is over my focus is going to shift more towards cardio. No matter what I do I never feel that improving, and when a fair chunk of my life is spent playing sport I really need to feel some semblance of aerobic fitness. At least more than I currently do. My bike should come in handy for that, as should just generally getting off my ass. So we’ll see how that goes. But for now, my 30 Day Fitness Challenge has gone fairly well. #yayfitness!

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