Day 179: The Firefight and the Fury

That sounds like a colourful and alliterative name for…something, but actually it’s simply what I’ve been watching and reading in the last 24 hours. With all of my car and money woes of the past few days (as whinged about here) I am going to be an extremely cheap date for the immediate future. So staying in and entertaining myself is the order of the day. Hmm…kind of sounds like what I do anyway, to be honest.

Anywho, today I watched the Brad Pitt war movie Fury. After a weekend of sport I was buggered and decided to just power down for a few hours and watch a movie, and until I made this decision I really had no idea how hard a task that has become.

Seriously, is it just me or is it a struggle to sit through a whole movie these days? In the beginning I felt like a toddler squirming around during this thing, wanting to check my phone, check fb, check the internet. I held out, but I was amazed at how quickly I felt like distracting myself. When did my attention span get so short? I mean this was a movie I actually liked! I was interested all the while, and still after too long I would feel some kind of muscle memory reflex as my hand reached in the direction of my phone. This is disconcerting to say the least, and it says nothing good about us so-called millenials and how incapable we are of surviving without our gadgets.

So once I settled down it was refreshing to actually sit there and pay attention to only one thing at a time, to not actually check my phone for a whole two hours. I didn’t even finish the film and immediately go onto the internet and find out everything about it and exactly what everyone else thought of it, like I usually do. I have no idea if Fury got good reviews or not. I don’t want to know, frankly. It may have got all the Raspberries for all I care. I watched it, I enjoyed it, and that was good enough for me.

I liked Brad Pitt in it, and I liked Dude From Perks of Being a Wallflower as well. The main scenes between them, like the ‘shoot the prisoner’ one and the ‘breakfast with German girls’ one, were really well done and full of tension. The fighting was shot well, and in particular I loved the final shootout, it felt sufficiently climactic; tense and courageous, but ultimately hopeless, just the right note to hit for a suicide mission. And like all the good war films, it left me with a pretty harrowing sense of how fucked up humanity is. So…well done there for depressing the hell out of me.

To continue along with the war theme, I’ve just started a new book, Firefight by Chris Ryan. I’m pretty sure this is the first novel with a military theme I’ve ever read, but my father recommended it so we’ll see where it goes. If I can pay attention long enough to read it, that is.

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