Day 178: You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Today during our footy game I affected a tackle and got my opponent caught holding the ball. I’m leading with this because I’m pretty sure it was for the first time. My third year of footy and that was basically my first proper tackle. I may be the softest player in AFL history, I’m not sure, but nevertheless…I tackled someone today! Progress!

I also tried the salad thing. Really, I tried.

I’ve been slowly working my way up to this moment, leaving salad on my burgers and kebabs when I’d usually take it off. And with some promising ingredients lying around needing to be used, I figured hey, no time like the present. Salad for dinner it is!

This salad consisted of spinach, roast pumpkin and cherry tomatoes. I even whipped up a little honey and lemon dressing. Nothing extraordinary, but the decision in itself to prepare and eat a salad is a giant leap for me. So I did eat it with my steak, and…it was okay. Not bad, and I finished it, but nothing that changed my mind on salad. I still have the ultimate goal of finding a salad that I not only tolerate but actually like and would choose to eat again. So the search continues.

One of my main salad objectives will be finding something to dress a salad with that doesn’t taste like, well…salad dressing. I tried to make this one as honeyish as I could, but it still tasted like salad dressing and I just cannot get next to salad dressing. It’s so…slimy. Maybe if I top it with cheese of some sort instead I can bypass dressing altogether.

…I am now going to stop thinking about salad. For a good while I should think. It took a lot of patient self-diplomacy to get myself ready for my first salad experiment. Now I need to start again.

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