Day 176: My Life Is A Shambles

It really is. I’m not even trying to be clever with this, I have had a catastrophic twenty four hours and I just need to stop and wonder at how I manage to skate through life being so utterly ill-equipped to navigate it.

Last night I was pulled over. Turns out I didn’t read my rego papers properly, got the date for renewal wrong and my car is now unregistered. In order to register it I need it to pass an inspection. In order to pass inspection I need to get the myriad of mechanical issues with the car fixed. In order to pay for this, plus rego, plus insurance, plus the gigantic fine I copped last night for my daft mistake, I will need to plant a money seed, water it, mulch it, give it adequate sunshine, wait until it grows into a money tree and then harvest the bills.

All for a twenty year old car that wheezes and splutters like a chain smoker, that I hope to be rid of by the end of the year. Over $2000 in the hole for a bucket worth about a fifth of that.

I don’t want to adult anymore.

I don’t know if I am getting worse at living life or if my screwups just look relatively bigger because as an adult I have bigger responsibilities than I used to. Either way, I am sucking pretty badly at it today and am in desperate need of assistance. Or at least a good lie down.

Ironically, I got home from all this rubbish and honest to God my mother says to me “You should become a writer and write about all this.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I already am and I already was. No offense to my parents, but just the other day I told the epic saga of my quest to use my vibrator. There is no way they are ever reading my blog.

Anyway. It’s not a good Me day but at the very least this is all a new experience to write about and then learn from. And I mean, I’m sure as hell not going to let my car rego lapse ever again. I need to get my adult shit together.

If only I knew how. I’m so bad at this.

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