Day 173: Australia 1 – 0 Brazil

It’s not every day that we can say that we beat Brazil in a football match, so I am going to enjoy it to the max.

Today I stayed up until 5am to watch the Matildas in their World Cup second round match. Sleep deprivation and destroying my body for the working week to come was totally worth it to see the girls knock off Brazil. What a game. They played so well. Just so well. The Matildas knocking about with the real heavyweights of world football is another one of those moments that make you sit back and reflect on how far we’ve come as a footballing nation.

It also makes me sit back and reflect on my whole life. In my youth I actually played with Kyah Simon. Not that she’d remember me I’m sure, but we were on a few rep squads together back when we were maybe 12, 13 years old. Even back then she had pace to burn and was clearly going places, although I never imagined just how far. Back then we were just coming up through the system out at Blacktown, a system they were basically making up as they went along. And now today she’s the most talked about football player in the country. Blows my mind a little.

If only it was me.

When I was a kid I always wanted to play football for Australia. To this day it’s literally the only dream I have ever had for myself. I can actually remember quite clearly the day that I sat at my desk and drew the picture below. I was about 8 years old, around the age where I would read about the history of the World Cup over and over until I could quote it to you verbatim. That was my great plan, I was going to grow up and play for Australia in the World Cup. That was going to be me scoring that goal. Clearly that didn’t happen for me. Still it’s kind of amazing that it ended up happening almost exactly as I envisioned to someone that I actually knew back in the day, however briefly.

2015-06-22 21.35.50

It must feel pretty amazing.

So to be honest I’m feeling a little bit of “Wahh what have I done with my life??” today after seeing my dreams come true for people who aren’t me. But mostly, I’m feeling immense pride. Pride as an Australian, as an Australian football fan, and as a female football player. These girls are absolutely killing it, in a way that I never could. They’re amazing and are representin’ in a big way. In a way that no Aussie team, male or female, has ever done before. You go girls.

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