Day 169: Those Capsicums Are Stuffed!

I don’t think that joke will ever get old in my household, although we’re trying our level best. Still, another experiment ticked off the recipe pile, as I murdered the English language with that mixed metaphor and stuffed some capsicums for dinner.

I say “recipe”…my way of following a recipe is Googling what I want to make, looking at about 17 different examples, realising that nobody has yet invented the perfect recipe for stuffed capsicums that I envisioned in my head, and so just wing it based on a general idea of how to make them that I’ve gathered from browsing through 17 different recipes.

If they ever turn out the way that I envision them I’ll write my own bloody recipes!

I wonder if anyone else feels the same as me, feels this particular about certain things. I spend all day searching for the perfect recipe and if I can’t find it, I invent one. I’m the same with shopping. I’m a lousy female in that I don’t really enjoy or do a lot of shopping for clothes, bags, accessories, etc. I’m not a shopper, well not for clothes anyway. But, when the times comes that I do have to (or want to) shop for clothes, I am pernickety in the extreme. I know what I want and I won’t rest until I find it, no matter how many shops it takes. And the curious thing is…I always find it! Sometimes I feel like I’ve been charmed by some kind of shopping fairy, because when I have a picture in my head of what I want (and I seriously know nothing about fashion), it always materialises right in front of me eventually. One of my superpowers: wish-fulfillment shopping.

I seem to have wandered from the point. Back to our sheep, today was actually a good food day for me, because I tried Brazilian churrasco for lunch, and what’s more I had it in a wrap with salad, which makes for the second time in a week I have made the decision to keep the salad on my meal, where usually I would take it off. I’m learning to eat salad. That is such an astonishing sentence coming from me. Lord is this year ever changing me.

On a completely different note, I also did something I should be doing a lot more of: I listened to a random new band, thanks to the magic of Spotify recommendations. I wanted something heavy to reflect this miserably dark winter we are currently experiencing, and Born of Osiris was just the ticket. They have the right mix of gnarly, shredding deathcore and sweeping, Dragonforce-esqe Guitar Hero riffs. Definitely check them out.

Finally, random new fact of the day: The first mosque was built in Australia as early as 1861, in Marree, South Australia of all places. In the late 19th century a number of Central Asians came to work as camel drivers, since camels were required to navigate the deserts of Australia. They came from all over Central and West Asia and the subcontinent, but were known locally as “Afghans”, which is where the name of the Adelaide-Darwin railway The Ghan comes from (I had always wondered). The oldest surviving mosque in Australia is actually in Adelaide. The more you know.

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