Day 159: Take Me Down to the Kangaroo Valley

…where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. If we do say so ourselves.

This weekend I broke my mother’s Golden Rule (“Never go away on a long weekend!!”) as my friends and I headed down to Kangaroo Valley for a fun, relaxing getaway filled with drinking, shopping, board games and continual eating. So basically the same things we do at home, but this time in the middle of nowhere!

What a gorgeous building..

What a gorgeous building!

Apart from the inherent newness of staying at a place I’d never been to before, the newest thing I did over the weekend was learn how to build a fire. Now we were staying in a house with a fireplace, so I’m not talking rubbing sticks together in the bush or anything. But still, I’ve never had or used a fireplace before, so my expertise barely extended to lighting candles until now. I am one of those mild pyromaniacs who loves to burn things and watch fire crackle, so that was a lot of fun.

Our fireplace, before I

Our fireplace, before I lit a fire under it. So to speak..

I love being in the country. I can see the appeal of living out there, although not necessarily for myself since I like civilisation and WiFi too much. But it feels fantastic to be somewhere with so much green around, so much nature, so much…space. I mean if I won the Lotto and could live in any house I wanted, I’d head straight for some land and a big, sweeping, Australian-style house way before I’d squeeze into one of the giant concrete boxes that pass for mansions these days. I like houses that spread out, not up. I like verandahs, and backyards, and privacy. I love country roads where the trees are hanging over from both sides.


Like this one.

So basically, being able to live like that for a weekend was great fun, on top of all the fun that we had being in each others’ company. I don’t really have much more to say, I’m just in a very warm and fuzzy, “I love everything” kind of mood. Everyone spread the love today!

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