Day 156: The Accidental Collector

Today I found these neat little Coca Cola notebooks in a store. I collect all things to do with Coke so that was a find. And speaking of collections, I ticked another Agatha Christie off the list, having spent yesterday reading A Caribbean Mystery. I have read a great many Agatha Christies in my life, and between my mother and I we own about 50-odd of her books. My goal is to own them all, and we’re getting closer as she wrote 66 novels, plus a slew of short story collections that have been published so nebulously that I can’t count them. Anyway, I still have a lot of used bookstores to visit.

See that’s the thing about me and collecting things.

As a certified, fully paid up member of the hoarders’ club I love collecting things, but I do so quite…passively. I tend to accumulate things as a matter of course, just going about my daily life. Even if I’m purposefully amassing a collection of something (Agatha Christie books, Coke paraphernalia, etc.) I mean sure, if I come across a relevant item in a shop or something I snatch it up, but I never really go searching for them, ever. I let them come to me.

For instance, I could probably go onto the Book Depository right now and buy a copy of all the Agatha Christies that we’re missing. But where’s the fun in that?? One of the best parts about going into any bookstore, new or used, is seeking out the crime section and seeing which Agatha Christie titles they have on the shelf. Wondering if I’ll get lucky and find one that I haven’t got for a reasonable price. I like being in a shop and randomly finding a unique kind of Coke bottle that I haven’t seen before. The fun is in the chase.

When it comes to the books in particular, I think one of the reasons why I’m in no hurry to complete this mission is that when the time comes that I finally do read every last one of her novels, I won’t know what to do with myself. It’s comforting to know that there are still stories out there that I haven’t read yet, that I can look forward to reading in the future. Once I finish…it will be pretty bittersweet. You can only read something for the first time once. And it makes me sad that there are only a finite number of Agatha Christie stories out there.

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