Day 153: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Because why the hell not!

My relatively successful completion of the MS Fun Run on Sunday has awakened in me my often-thought and usually-quickly-abandoned desire to get fit. Now, I’m two days removed from running 10kms so I’m still very much in an “if you make me run anywhere again I WILL shoot you” frame of mind. So perhaps cardio is not the way to go right now. Instead I shall focus on some good old fashioned bodyweight exercises.

I came upon this plan by the medically-approved method of Google Image Searching “30 day challenge” until I found one that looked to be within my athletic grasp. A very scientific approach, I think you’ll find. This looks do-able, but very much a challenge. In my life I’ve never done THAT many push ups, sit ups or squats, and in fact I’m not really good at doing any of them. But not for long! By the end of the month I shall be vaguely proficient in each of them!

In all seriousness, getting to a level of fitness where I can do, for example, 40 pushups in a session will be a hell of an achievement. I’m no good at this stuff, and when I’m at footy training and have to suffer through fitness drills I feel like the most obese, slow-moving sloth on earth. So being able to smash some pushups will be infinitely useful when I return to training; even moreso than a 10km run, getting through footy will feel so much better when I’m fit.

I’m two days in now (clearly…) and it’s been fine, although my legs are still super sore from Sunday. But as they say, the cure for sore legs is MORE SQUATS. So come at me. #yayfitness!


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