Day 180: Fitness Update

Today I went for a long walk. I finally put my car into the shop this morning for the necessary alterations, and I figured to hell with it…why not just walk home? Now this place is about a 15 minute drive from my house, putting this just on the cusp of feasibility. I’ve never walked home from anywhere near that far away before, so I gave it a go.
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Day 179: The Firefight and the Fury

That sounds like a colourful and alliterative name for…something, but actually it’s simply what I’ve been watching and reading in the last 24 hours. With all of my car and money woes of the past few days (as whinged about here) I am going to be an extremely cheap date for the immediate future. So staying in and entertaining myself is the order of the day. Hmm…kind of sounds like what I do anyway, to be honest.
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Day 178: You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Today during our footy game I affected a tackle and got my opponent caught holding the ball. I’m leading with this because I’m pretty sure it was for the first time. My third year of footy and that was basically my first proper tackle. I may be the softest player in AFL history, I’m not sure, but nevertheless…I tackled someone today! Progress!

I also tried the salad thing. Really, I tried.
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Day 177: The Second Cigarette

Today I smoked a cigarette for the second time. An exceedingly dumb thing to do for curiosity’s sake, I grant you, but as we’ve established my life is a shambles at the moment, so there’s no time like the present for a little dose of self-destructive behaviour.

Actually the main reason why I decided to do it was because I didn’t hate the first one enough.
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Day 173: Australia 1 – 0 Brazil

It’s not every day that we can say that we beat Brazil in a football match, so I am going to enjoy it to the max.

Today I stayed up until 5am to watch the Matildas in their World Cup second round match. Sleep deprivation and destroying my body for the working week to come was totally worth it to see the girls knock off Brazil. What a game. Continue reading