Day 151: MS Walk + Fun Run 2015

The big day! For the uninitiated, the MS Walk and Fun Run is held every year to raise money for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, the “invisible disease” with no known cure that affects thousands of Australians and millions around the world. I went into my personal connection with MS back on Day 57. So really no kidding, this was a big day.

I was anxious as hell before this started because lately my head has this annoying habit of starting to spin like a top with too much running, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through a 10km run. But I had a lot of people awesome enough to sponsor me for this thing, and it was for people who have a much bigger problems to deal with than my vertigo, so I pushed through. I am my mother’s legs.

And actually, I pushed through pretty well. Much better than I imagined, or well, feared, more like. My head thankfully remained in an upright and stationary position for the entire race (then started doing doughnuts as soon as I crossed the finish line), and I even kept up a decent pace the whole way. I was hoping to finish in around 70 mins, but I crossed the line in just over 63: 1:03:05 officially. If not for stopping twice to take my shoe off and shake my foot back into circulation, I probably could have made it in under an hour. Given my fitness levels, a massive result.

Nevertheless, as I was putting one foot in front of the other this morning I had one frequent, repeating thought: how much better this would feel if I was fit. And yet curiously, even though running for an hour straight was excruciating, it still felt kind of…good. Not at the time, but afterwards. It felt like an achievement, like a real hard slog. I set out to do something hard and I smashed it. To be honest it’s something I don’t feel enough of, a sense of having achieved something tangible. Now I know why people, like, set goals. It feels good.

So I am already making another goal right now: next year. This year it took 63 mins to complete, next year I am going to do it in 55 mins. This year I raised over $600 for MS, next year I am going to raise over $1000. Really make a go of it hey. Why not, when it’s for my mother, when it’s for people who have to live with MS. I see what it does every day, and it’s really the least I can do. They can’t run, we have to run for them.

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