Day 150: Nothing In Particular

Today is my Seinfeld post apparently: it’s about nothing. I like the idea of milestones and part of me wishes that I had done some crazy, exciting new thing to mark it. But alas, life (and work) gets in the way. All the same, I really like the way I spent Day 150, for an entirely different reason.

I caught up with a high school friend whom I had not seen in well over a year. Usually when I catch up with someone, no matter how long the interval was, I open with some form of “Well not much has changed really.” I tend to stay the same. But today I honestly didn’t know where to begin with all of the things that have changed in my life recently. I feel like a different person. Progress.

In the past few days I have watched a new movie, listened to new musoc, cooked a new recipe, tried new food, ate at a new place, learned many new things, and tried something new with my hair. Progress, progress, progress. As I keep repeating to myself when I’m finding the adventurous side of this project slightly lacking, it all adds up.

This may sound silly, but I’ve been wearing my hair out for the past 24 hrs or so. This is a monumental achievement of the new for me. Honestly I don’t think I’ve worn my hair out for an entire day since I’ve been old enough to be in charge of my hair. I ALWAYS tie it up, and when I have to wear it out, I get irritated within minutes and find an excuse to tie it up again. But last night I got my hair did and I thought, screw this, you can leave it out. It won’t kill you. And it hasn’t. I could get used to this.

Again this all must sound pretty trivial, but when you talk about staying inside your comfort zone, that is a big one for me. And every time I take a step outside of it, no matter how small a step it may seem, I open up more. I learn something new. And it all adds up.

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