Day 136: Persimmon To Land

Last night I ate a persimmon. Exciting stuff, I know. Before then I could not have picked a persimmon out of a lineup, although I knew it was a fruit and/or vegetable of some kind. But having one handy and not wanting to leave any foodstuff unturned this year, we cut it up, we ate it, and…we moved on with our lives. It’s a pretty meh piece of fruit, let’s be honest, but at least now I know that for sure. The way I’m going I might make it through the entire fruit and veg section by the end of the year. Come at me, cumquats!

I’ve been talking about food a lot in this blog lately. I think it’s because I’ve finally got my entire appetite back. Late last year I lost practically all interest in eating for no discernible physiological reason (has this happened to other people? I just kind of filed it under “lovesickness” and didn’t ask questions, but I’m sure there must have been a more scientific explanation as to why I was casually starving myself). It took me months to get back to regularly eating even a modicum of food every day, which was still a LOT less than I was used to eating for my entire life up until this point. It was all just really strange because I’ve always been a fairly big eater, and I’ve never had the slightest hint of medical issues, eating disorders, even the typical female vanity…anything that would make someone not eat. I’ve never dieted a day in my life. So above all it was all just really strange to me. (As an aside, this period of my life did help me empathise with my clients, most of whom suffer from a clinical loss of appetite. It really is so hard to eat when you don’t want to.)

Anyway I think now, six months later, I am finally back to eating as much as I always used to. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, because I tend to eat like a horse who wants to get Type 2 Diabetes. I ate SIX Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday. Six. That is simply barbarous. (Actually, eating half a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in one day could also come under the banner of “something new”).

Nevertheless, it is a relief to have fully regained my appetite, and honestly it has made me appreciate food so much more. Hence the million random posts about what I happen to be cooking for dinner, or which obscure piece of fruit I’m trying. Food has become exciting to me again; it was literally the happiest moment of my day today when I realised that the weather is getting cold and I can start making minestrone soup again. I spend so much time thinking about what to cook for dinner, so much time looking forward to going grocery shopping. Food food food.

Wow. I managed to get 500 words out of a persimmon. This really hammers home to myself that I have no excuse not to write every day, because no matter what’s going on I am capable of talking some shit about basically anything.

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