Day 125: “There’s no possession, only obsession”

Today I bought myself a brand new laptop. Get a load of that hot little number. My brand new insanely expensive high performance top of the line state of the art …cheap as hell laptop.

It may not seem like much to you (and as far as laptops go, it’s not ) but this is a big deal for me. It’s a brand new laptop. I’ve never bought a brand new laptop. In fact I don’t often buy a brand new anything. I spent less than $300 on this, cheap as chips, and still I think it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a single item for myself.

I don’t like spending money on Stuff. Deliberate capitalisation there. I like owning stuff, just not spending money to get it. Partly because I’ve never had much money to spend, partly because I’ve inherited the cheapskate gene. But I don’t enjoy parting with my money. It took me forever to finally get a smartphone, or a flat screen TV, because I preferred to make do with an old style contraption rather than shell out for something new. I grew up receiving copious amounts of hand-me-down clothes, and to this day I can’t stand spending money on clothes. I persist with sneakers that have significant holes in them for as long as I can before I relent and buy a new pair. I question a second hand book purchase of more than like $3. If I want or need something, there’s nothing that appeals to me more than getting it on the cheap. I’m a famous miser, or, as they say on the streets, I am a massive tightarse.

That’s not to say that I never spend money. I do, just on things other than Stuff. My main extravagance is sport – registration for football codes is filthily expensive, and there are a few sporting holidays that I shell out for every year. Concert tickets are extortionate, but I don’t question forking it over in order to see an awesome band. And when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and other such solemn occasions, I hang the expense; I’ll happily spend money on other people. I love grocery shopping too, I probably blow heaps of money at the supermarket and the market every week, because as previously discussed in this blog, when I cook I get a bit excited and try to cook ALL THE VEGETABLES!!!

Food…friends…family…music…sport…these things are all far more important to me than my own appearance, or having the latest gadgets, or repping big brands. So I think my spending priorities are right where they need to be.

“There’s no money /
There’s no possession /
Only obsession /
I don’t need that shit”
– Papa Roach “Between Angels and Insects”

Great song. Great to see played live actually. Papa Roach are totally worth it, go and see them if you get a chance. But let’s get back to our sheep.

This isn’t to say that I’m not absolutely loving having a brand spanking new gadget. It’s a lot of fun, even though I am technologically challenged and have absolutely no idea how to work this thing. But a computer, all to my own! How exciting. And I feel like a direct result will be an improvement in my posting rate. One of the reasons why I’m not posting as often as I would like to is that I don’t find myself in front of a working computer in time. And one of the reasons why I bought this thing, and rushed the purchase through, was so that I could get back to posting away as frequently as possible. So here’s to posting up a storm once again. It’s only Day 125…I still have so much to do.

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