Day 151: MS Walk + Fun Run 2015

The big day! For the uninitiated, the MS Walk and Fun Run is held every year to raise money for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, the “invisible disease” with no known cure that affects thousands of Australians and millions around the world. I went into my personal connection with MS back on Day 57. So really no kidding, this was a big day.

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Day 146: Doctorphobia

I’m sure there’s a scientific name for this (there is – latrophobia) but I’m going with Doctorphobia for the lulz. Lots of people seem to squirm at the idea of going to see the doctor. Mostly men, as the stereotype goes, although I’m not sure how accurate it is as my female best friend also gets it. I’ve always been sensible about modern medicine and amused by people thus afflicted by The Fear, but I’m getting horribly suspicious that I am, in fact, becoming afflicted by The Fear.

I’m terrified of the doctor right now. But I think I know why.
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Day 141: NXT TakeOver Unstoppable

Today I watched a live NXT special for the first time. These live shows apparently don’t mix with Australian timeslots that well, so they never get broadcast here and thus I never get to see them. Until today! After all, I am back to existing as a functioning wrestling addict, and no wrasslin’ junkie worth their salt would dare to miss the hottest show in town: NXT.
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Day 136: Persimmon To Land

Last night I ate a persimmon. Exciting stuff, I know. Before then I could not have picked a persimmon out of a lineup, although I knew it was a fruit and/or vegetable of some kind. But having one handy and not wanting to leave any foodstuff unturned this year, we cut it up, we ate it, and…we moved on with our lives. It’s a pretty meh piece of fruit, let’s be honest, but at least now I know that for sure. The way I’m going I might make it through the entire fruit and veg section by the end of the year. Come at me, cumquats!

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