Day 86: All Australian Vigoro Titles 2015 Day Six

(I’m quite a few days behind by now, but I want to get the rest of the week of vigoro off my chest while I can. Your regular scheduled Newness will resume presently.)

Here we go, last day of action for us Seniors. Last chance to be out in the middle playing vigoro for NSW…my favourite pastime. (What’s vigoro?)

But first, these kids! They had to get past Tassie to get QLD in a playoff, and get past them they did. They had a good solid bat, and finished them off with the ball in style. Once again, I love these kids. I did get sacked from my gig as the juniors’ Unofficial Experimental Cricket Scorer, so I took the opportunity to prepare for my game of vigoro in the usual fashion: I had a nap. I think I needed to do something to reassert my claim as the most nonchalant player in vigoro. I seem to do my best sporting work immediately after being roused from my slumber.

So, we played Tassie in our last hit out of the week. You could tell that we were five games deep at this point as a fair few of us were the walking wounded, and we had a bit of a slow start letting Tassie score over 70. But with this being our last chance to bat, we all chipped in to build a first innings lead. I continued to play my new role as a support batter, doing it all in singles, which honestly I enjoyed immensely. It feels good to build that partnership with people, rotating the strike, talking it up, running har-ahahahaha…OK, I couldn’t get that last one out with a straight face. But still. It feels good to dig in and get them one at a time. I had so much fun batting this week.

I enjoyed our last fielding innings too. Apart from the one or two balls that I was pushed back into the midfield in this game, I spent every ball we bowled this week on the pitch fielding in close, and let me tell you, I loved it. We didn’t get a lot of action there during the week, it was fairly quiet in terms of getting the ball, but once again, just being out there right in the middle of it all feels awesome. You’re surrounded by the noise, you can see just how good every ball is up close, you’re always involved in the play. And I love being in a position to talk to the bowlers and make noise, which I think I’ve improved at since my start as a timid junior burger.

My hands actually hurt by the end of the week from excessive clapping. Vigoro is a clapping game, we’ll applaud anything: going on the field, coming off the field, the toss, change of bowlers, wickets, runs, dot balls, good balls, good shots, good leaves, good running, good fielding, good arms…you name it, we’ll clap it. I admit I’m afflicted more than most, I am a compulsive clapper and standing in there at mid off, I think I just about applauded every ball we bowled. Deservedly, might I add. Our bowling was the best part of our game this week, super tight and lethal. They rocked it.

So anywho, the story goes that we got TAS for a much smaller total in the second innings, giving us a chase of about 30 odd. I wasn’t planning on batting again, but this was one of those times when fate intervened, and we ended our campaign doing what I, at least, had been doing all week: Tegs and I getting it done together, one run at a time. It was only fitting. Now that I think about it, that has to be at least the third time that her and I have chased down a target in a state game. We get it done. And there we go, one last win to send us off, and we finish second in the State 1 Division. Not bad for a makeshift seniors team. Really good effort put in by everyone, I’m very proud of our performance.

Speaking of proud, don’t turn that dial because coming up, Day Seven: Juniors Division Playoff, and my absolute highlight of the entire week.

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