Day 84: All Australian Vigoro Titles 2015 Day Four

Here we are, the one for all the vigoro marbles (What’s vigoro?). It feels strange to have what will most likely be the game that decides the titles so soon in the week, but here we are all the same. Let’s do this.

We tossed, we lost, and we were sent in once again. I feel like we really needed to post a good sized total here to start us off, and we just didn’t get it done. I felt good middling my first ball for six, but then once again displayed my aggravating talent for picking out a fielder. I’m going to have to learn how to bat all over again. Anyway we got to 47, and QLD hit back with 91.

Making up the deficit when they’ve almost doubled your score is always a tough ask. To our credit we dug in a lot more in the second innings and clawed our way back. But leaving a team with the hitting power of QLD Maroon to chase only 29 isn’t going to give you much breathing room. We did a bit of damage while we could – including one of the junior burgers taking the new Most Casual One-handed Boundary Catch Of All Time. But QLD got the runs.  Assuming results go the way we all expect, that win should be enough to hand them the silverware. Congrats to them, they were the better team.

And it’s another missed opportunity for us in the 1s. We haven’t won the Ashes since 2011, and it gets frustrating when we feel like we should be able to beat these guys. And it’s another 12 months to try again. Oh well. We’re playing for pride the rest of the week now.

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