Day 83: All Australian Vigoro Titles 2015 Day Three

We were up bright and early for day trois as the junior burgers were up first vs Tasmania. God love these kids, honestly. And you gotta love the Tassie kids as well, they tend to be out-gunned but they always have a go and try super hard. Good on them.

I actually used this game to conduct a little experiment. Vigoro and cricket are so similar (What’s vigoro?) and we compare them all the time, so I decided to see what happened if I scored vigoro as if it was cricket. See in vigoro, with no overs or ball limits we don’t actually count dot balls when we score. Only the scoring shots are recorded. So I figured if I counted them, we’d be able to find out all sorts of information: how many balls or “overs” an innings takes, what our run rate is, a batsman’s strike rate and a bowler’s economy, and even just the amount of pressure a bowler has been able to exert by bowling consecutive dot balls.

So the results? From what I’ve been able to gather so far…it seems like if you get any kind of a score, your strike rate will be over 100. The kids smacked Tassie around and got 127 off 24 “overs”, with a run rate of 5.29. The Tassie kids got rolled for 16 and 17, both times in less than 10 overs, and had run rates of 1.68 and 2.08 respectively. They seem like they’d be extremes as far as run rates go, as it was a pretty one sided game. I’m guessing that most decently long innings would take around 20-30 “overs”.

I’d do it again for another game to expand the sample size, but to be honest…I don’t have the required attention span to score every single ball. I barely manage to score just in the normal vigoro way without my mind wandering. I’m too much of a daydreamer. Plus the kids are playing and I prefer to get around them. I remember being an intimidated kid on my first trip, so I think it’s important for us seniors to support them. And with the squad getting smaller and smaller I’m becoming more conscious of my role as a seasoned player to make sure I get around, make noise and cheer everybody on. At vigoro there is nothing worse than the deafening sound of silence.

Anyway, the kids made short work of Tassie. I saw some really strong batting from them here – it’s not just that they got runs, but also that they played some good shots and displayed some real talent. Like I said…I like these junior burgers. The bowling effort was outstanding, they blew through them very quickly, and with a lot of dot balls too, which was another stat I got to notice with my scoring. Nice work kids.

We also comfortably moved past Tassie in the afternoon, although not nearly as dramatically. But we had a decent bat, and then got the job done in the field alright. In the end NSW 7 decl. 161 defeated Tasmania 64 & 25. Good solid innings win. And Day Four is our second game vs QLD Maroon, the one that is essentially for all the marbles. Stay tuned.

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