Day 82: All Australian Vigoro Titles 2015 Day Two

Yeah I had absolutely no energy to write yesterday. Let’s recap.

Day Two saw us back against the second QLD senior team, QLD White. Things looked ominous when we turned up to intermittent rain, but thankfully it soon cleared and the first game finished up, with QLD Maroon dispatching Tasmania. We tossed, we lost, and we were sent in to bat.

With the first-game jitters out of the way we got stuck in with the batting in a much more familiar fashion. I had a bit of a bat, which felt pretty good. I was all set to go the distance – which is my aim whenever I bat: to not get out – until a Queenslander took the most casual, one-handed boundary catch of all time. Kudos to you, random QLDer. We ended up with the extremely decent total of 106. That’s more like it.

You know…I love fielding. It’s a different experience to batting because in the field we’re all out there as a team. It’s a collective effort, there’s that sense of camaraderie and an energy that passes around the team. When it’s done right, really done well, the field crackles with the electricity. There’s a cacophony of sound that reverberates around, a certain intensity, and trying to go out and bat in it is like walking into the Lion’s Den. We hope. That’s the idea anyway. But it feels amazing to be a part of…wickets falling, tight bowling, sharp fielding, massive talk, laughing and joking…it all falls together and it’s so much fun.

Anyway, we got the job done in the field and restricted QLD White to 43 and 32. Really good all round effort in the field from everyone. There were some spectacular diving catches going on during this game, I tell you. Outstanding stuff. If there’s one thing I can appreciate, it’s a good diving catch. All in all, it was a good strong innings win to set up the rest of the week.

And then the kids! They waited until Monday afternoon to finally suit up, once all the cavalry arrived. Now, this bunch of kids, they’ve all been corralled together at the last possible minute, and for a lot of them this was their very first game of vigoro ever. And man did they ever step up to the plate. I don’t know what it is about vigoro, but sometimes a kid can just walk into this sport and go BANG. Vigoro makes use of a lot of natural talent from other sports: cricket, softball, tennis, even golf. If you can hit a ball, or throw a ball, you may just be a natural at vigoro!

But yeah this is a very impressive juniors team. They have all adapted to playing super quickly, and also dealt with the pressure of being thrown to the wolves right off the bat. Shows a great deal of maturity. They really pushed a well-oiled QLD Jnrs team here, and did well to make them bat a second time after having to follow on. I’m really looking forward to the next time they face QLD on Thursday with a little more vigoro under their belts. I reckon they can cause some damage.

I’m absolutely buggered now, and I need sleep because we have an early start tomorrow for D Day: our second game vs QLD Maroon. The result of this game will go a long way to deciding the titles, so it kind of feels like having a final in the middle of the tournament. So pumped for this. Day Three and beyond will have to wait.

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