Day 79: Sew What?

Did someone say beach?? Man…it’s a tough life I lead, but someone’s gotta live it. This time it was last night’s little jaunt down to Cronulla Beach, ostensibly running an errand but really…what a fantastic excuse to drive down to the beach!

I love the beach at night. It’s so…peaceful. In a weirdly contradictory way, because you’re in a very dark place, all alone, and all you can hear is the sound of violently crashing waves and the ocean wind swirling around you. You feel like you’re standing on the edge of the world. Standing in a place where nature is still in the ascendancy, and we’re powerless to resist. Listening to the waves in the dark, it’s like…Mother Nature gnashing her teeth. That’s the closest I can come to explaining it. It’s exhilarating.

2015-03-20 20.06.51 2015-03-20 20.04.27

(They’re terrible photos, but I just love the way the light dances off the wind and the sand…)

Today I accidentally learned how to sew. You know I should probably stop using the word “accidentally” so casually, to describe things that aren’t literal accidents. But I love using it, I love the way it sounds…I don’t do things with a purpose, I just fall into them through pure happenstance. That’s how I feel as I stumble and bumble my way through life.

So today I’m trying on my dress that I plan on taking away on holiday with me and BAM, a button pops off. FML. I’m packing, I don’t have time to choose a whole new outfit. So I think, sewing a button on…I may have never picked up a needle in my life, but how hard could it possibly be? So I dug up my mother’s sewing kit, I Googled, and I sewed the hell out of that button. Probably not that well, let’s be honest. But hopefully well enough to hold itself together through the dinner I have to wear the bloody dress to. I even sewed up one of the straps that looked a bit frayed. Booyah.

I am excited about this because this is EXACTLY what the Year of Something New is for. I had never sewed before in my life. It was just never a skill I was made to learn, nor did I have any use for it before now. Sewing and I had never met. And now we have. Now I know how to sew a button. Good information. All I want with this project is to go to bed knowing something that I didn’t know when I woke up. If you learn something new of a day, that is a good day. That is something.

I haven’t written in a few days but I have been getting my New stuff in. I tried a new kind of tea just now, a black tea with acai berries, pomegranate and vanilla. It’s pretty yummy. Yesterday I started a new book, Blood Brother by J. A. Kerley. It’s pretty entertaining. And on Wednesday I got stuck inside a tight dress in a shop’s changeroom and had to be rescued by salespeople. It was pretty embarrassing. But it was also one of those times when I’ve landed myself in a sticky situation and at least consoled myself with “Well, I’ve never done that before!” And on the list it goes. The silver lining to humiliation: I get to recount it on this blog and share my humiliation publicly! Woohoo!

As I mentioned I am going away in a few hours. My plan is to keep blogging while I’m in Queensland, but it will depend entirely on finding opportunities to do so. Fair warning. Also fair warning to anyone who doesn’t like or understand cricket, because this is a vigoro holiday, vigoro is basically cricket played in skirts and it’s all I’ll be thinking about for the next week or so.

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