Day 73: Just Like Riding A Bike

It’s funny how you can go to bed feeling so much different to the way you woke up. In my case, on this day, that’s a good thing. I’ve been feeling fairly blasé about The Year of Something New lately (the living and the writing) as you can see by the sparsity of my posts these last couple weeks. I haven’t been motivated to do anything interesting, haven’t had the energy to write anything at all, and haven’t been making the best life decisions lately either. Even by my standards. So the urge to crawl into my bed and sleep the stupid month of March away was growing. And then, KABLOW! I had a good day! Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn your whole point of view right around. You’ve got to take the good that life throws at you.

Today’s major ‘new’ adventure was playing Escape the Room. This I recommend to everyone if there’s one in your town, it’s fantastic, stupendous fun. In short, you and your friends get “locked” in a room filled with clues, and you have to find them and figure out what they mean in order to locate the key to the door and “escape”. You have to search for clues, think laterally, do math, solve puzzles…it’s brilliant. Now me, I can be smart in some ways but I’m really not the greatest at puzzles and problem solving. I thought I would struggle a lot at this game, but I did better than I expected and I feel like I made a contribution. When confronted with the key for one of the puzzles I was hit with an intense flashback to my childhood and the time I spent pouring over these books…


Puzzles are cool kids.

Before our escape we had high tea this morning. I think this was the high point of my despondency and the low point of my self esteem, because once again I displayed my acute lack of social awareness and turned up to a very, very swish tea room in the very, very swish QVB looking very, very…me. Which is to say that I was not exactly dressed for the occasion. I think I seriously need to enact a new policy of not leaving my house without knowing exactly what I’m supposed to wear, because this happens all the time and I feel lousy every single time it happens. I just honestly don’t understand or even think about how to dress appropriately for different situations and venues. So this happens all the time. And I’m used to looking like myself, but I hate feeling like I’m embarrassing my friends by dressing like a bogan. So I need to take a much keener interest in what I should be wearing from now on. No more bogan.

Of course, my friends are my friends and any time I fear that I’m embarrassing them (which is quite often) I soon forget all about it because they’re awesome and better than your friends. We had a good day. Also, high tea was really nice and I took the opportunity to try some different food items that I would normally shy away from. I think one was a tomato and cucumber on polenta type thing. I couldn’t even tell you, I could just be making that up. I do know that I ate the richest piece of chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life. Too bad the crab sandwiches were off limits to me, allergenically, or I’d have even given them a go. Had a nice cuppa as well, and surely ‘Darjeeling’s Delight’ is the greatest name for a tea leaf that there ever was. I always choose my teas on the strength of the name. I’m a connoisseur.


The other significant event of the day was my ride on my bike. I bought the bicycle featured above late on Thursday night on a completely stupid whim. To be honest…I just liked the look of it, is all. Stupid because I bought a cheap bike from K-Mart that began to come apart at the seams as soon as we tried to assemble it. Until this afternoon I was seriously regretting my reckless purchase and it was one of the terrible decisions that made me question my whole damn self the last few days. But my father and I finally managed to whack it together (“my father and I” should be read as “my father did it while I watched helplessly like a girl”) and this afternoon I took it for a spin. And I take it all back. I mean yes it’s still a cheap peice of junk that will probably come apart and kill me when I’m in the middle of the road some day…but it’s MY piece of junk deathtrap! And it does look pretty cool. AND it felt really good to ride it, honestly I hadn’t sat myself on a push bike in probably ten years at least, not since I was a kid. I think it was hearing my friends talk about riding their bikes, and realising that it had been so long for me I’d forgotten what it even felt like, that imbued in me this sudden urge to bicycle. But once I got back on it…well, it was like riding a bike. Oh ho ho ho ho ho…

So as I was saying, I woke up feeling pretty low about myself, and everything turned right around. I forgot about my fashion faux pas and tried some delectable new items at high tea. Escape the Room was a super cool New Thing and I even felt like I didn’t suck at it. The bike that I was so despondent about buying is now my feel-good ticket to ‘wind blowing through my hair’ freedom. And I heard “White Houses” by Vanessa Carlton in the supermarket tonight. Everything is coming up Milhouse. And I am well and truly back on the horse. Year of Something New, come at me.

Like I said…I had a good day.

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