Day 69: Oops…My Bad.

Sorry peepsicles, I’ve been AWOL ever since I finished recounting my epic tale of Soundwave. The post-fest malaise well and truly sunk in, plus getting sick has left me almost paralytically exhausted. Consequently I ain’t had much to write home (or here) about, and no time or energy to write about not much anyhow. But back on the horse I go.

Things began to pick up this weekend because Saturday night was Mardi Gras, and Sunday was the Cricket World Cup.

The Sydney Mardi Gras Parade is a super enormous LGBT celebration (“Gay Christmas” in the local parlance) and I once again proved myself to be a painfully mediocre lesbian by a) not having any real plans for it, and b) going out and having a good but ultimately uneventful night. With all the lesbians in the known universe out and about for the evening, it seems like a woefully missed opportunity. But then, that’s the story of my life as the Worst Lesbian Ever.

In more successful news, the Cricket World Cup! It was one of those delightful twists of fate that I got to go at all, the game was sold out ages ago, and the schedule for the rest of the Sydney games was impossible to reconcile. But as luck would have it, there we were., not only watching Australia play Sri Lanka, but doing so from the comfort of the SCG Members Stand. I’d never been up there before, and doubtless will never do so again, but I’m so glad I got to sneak in there just once and check it out. There was definitely movement in my historical boner as I climbed up the carpeted stairs and stood in the old Members Bar with the high ceiling. I wish I had more time to creep around back there and geek out, but alas…there was a game of cricket on.


And what a game it was too. Not exactly a bowler’s game, but then what is these days? The Aussies made it look easy, dispatching bowling to the boundary with ease as they amassed the accustomed 300+ target. Maxwell casually reverse sweeped his way to his maiden century, and even Shane Bloody Watson got amongst the runs and bought himself another 18 months or so on Australian cricket’s death row, more’s the pity. Then the Sri Lankas went out there and made batting look twice as easy. The way that Dilshan grabbed Mitch Johnson by the throat in the sixth over and spanked him for six boundaries in a row was amazing, and they just took off from there, chasing down a seemingly insurmountable total with alarming rapidity. Kumar Sangakkara. The man is 37 years old and still churns out runs like nobody’s business, scoring his third ODI century in as many games. The man is a freak of nature. To be honest SL were unlucky that Chandimal pulled his hammy when he did, because it was only when he went off that the wickets started to fall and Australia took the game away. All in all it was a great match, with runs aplenty and a result that was never assured until the very end. All seen from my great vantage point in the Members Stand. So glad I got to do that.


The rest of my days since Soundwave have been largely spent either at work or trying to sleep. Nothing too interesting to report. But like I said I’m back on the horse now, both in the living of life and in the writing about it. Although I feel like the rest of March until I go to Queensland will be taken up by the #marthalyf…my house is an absolute shambles and has doubled in its shambolicness since one more person and two sets of worldly possessions have moved in. Someone’s gotta whack this place into shape.

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