Day 85: All Australian Vigoro Titles 2015 Day Five

What a day.

As a squad we were all up today, with the Juniors vs QLD and then Seniors vs QLD White. And let me tell you what. I freaking love these kids. I don’t really know a lot of them personally or anything, half of them turned up to vigoro like last week or something (what’s vigoro?) but they’re great. Apparently they had a hell of a team talk last night, because from the moment they all walked out the door this morning they were switched on and pumped as hell. Without their coach for a day, they sorted themselves out, did their own warm up, had everything under control. All over it. I was particularly impressed with this aspect of their day, how mature and professional they were when left to their own devices, especially for such an inexperienced team.

And then they played! Continue reading

Day 81: All Australian Vigoro Titles 2015 Day One

FINALLY! After all of the planning, travelling and now hanging around, we’re finally taking the field this afternoon for our first game of the AA Vigoro Titles. (What’s vigoro you ask? Jump back to Day 80 where I try to explain it.) So today it’s NSW Seniors vs QLD Maroon (QLD are fielding two senior teams: White and Maroon).

It’s really hard to explain what it feels like when we’re gearing up for a game. Continue reading

Day 80: #roadtoswich

“Road trippin’ with my two favourite allies /
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies”
– Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’

Today’s adventure was an actual adventure of sorts, a road trip from Sydney up to Ipswich, QLD. This was a 15-hour odyssey that began when we hit the road at 4:45am, and we landed here in ‘Swich at 6:45pm local time, having lost an hour to the stark lack of Daylight Savings Time in this barbarian state. Continue reading