Day 58: Bursting With Excitement (Soundwave!)

I feel like I should check in today, just because I won’t be able to post again until Monday because I’LL BE AT SOUNDWAVE FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS MOFOS!!! …ahem. Did I say that a little loud?

At the moment I feel like the spaceship guy from The Lego Movie when they finally let him build the spaceship…SOUNDWAVE! SOUNDWAVE! SOUUUUUNDWAVE! OK I’ll stop talking about Soundwave.I swear.

For something of a little more consequence, I now have a Twitter. Follow me @staceybobzilla. I had always felt like I was the last person on earth who should have Twitter as I am, officially, the most long-winded gasbag in human history (it’s one of my official titles, like Worst Lesbian Ever). So we’ll see how I deal with 160 characters at a time. But I figure at the very least, it will help me connect with bands I see at Soundwave over the w-DAMN, I did it again. OK, starting…now!

I don’t want to sound too flippant going from making jokes to this, but today was also a day in which I helped go through my nan’s house before it goes under the hammer. The books! My God the books! She has a vast collection of novels, along with a vast collection of, well, everything, and I now understand where I get my pathological desire to hoard from. I inherited it paternally. Although to be fair to her, it’s hard not to accumulate stuff when you’ve lived in the same house since 1945.

More interestingly, there is a stack of old photographs we’ve just discovered. I cannot WAIT to go through them. I absolutely love old family photos. It’s the historian in me, and history concerning people who are directly related to me is especially fascinating. I want to know everything there is to know about my family tree. So this will be an awesome trip down memory lane. Well, other people’s memory lane.

But first, Soundwave!!! (Sorry!!)

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