Day 45: Not the Worst Lesbian Ever?

There’s hope for me yet!

I went along to my first GIRLTHING last night. Had a good time, even partook in that strange human behaviour commonly referred to as “talking to strangers”. And…macked on with a very cute person of the correct (same) gender! Result! So it is entirely possible that I may not be the worst lesbian in the entire world after all. Maybe just in the bottom five.

Today’s achievement was cooking up a half decent mushroom sauce, along with the rest of the BBQ feast I prepared for my bro’s birthday. My Martha Stewart game is at level 6000 at the moment. Cooking, cleaning, tidying, beautifying. I’m about halfway through turning the kitchen completely inside out. Who needs to wait until they move out and get their own place to Martha-ify? I’m doing it right here, right now in the comfort of my childhood home. I swear to God, my mother is going to have a nice, shiny, spotless house even if it kills me. Marthalyf.

As I touched on in my post last week about going through my old clothes, I find it strange and kind of paradoxical that I can be such a naturally messy, untidy person, studiously avoiding the hard work of cleaning and tidying up for as long as I can…and yet I also get a great deal of enjoyment out of cleaning and tidying up when I get amongst it. It feels good to throw rubbish out, to have everything neat and organised, to scrub everything to within an inch of his life. It’s…I don’t know. Reinvigorating. Especially for a house as chaotic and beat up as mine, especially as I delve into nooks and crannies that haven’t seen daylight in a good many years.

I’m seriously committed to turning this entire house inside out. Like I said, I think it will make my mother happy. Plus going all “out with the old” over everything feels like a logical companion piece to the Year of Something New. Marthalyf!

…she says, while sitting here staring at the messiest room ever inhabited by a human being (see above). See, this is what I’m saying. Paradoxical as hell. But then again aren’t we all? I wish I had more to say right now but I’m tired and perilously close to passing out on my keyboard, so I’m just going to leave you all on that very deep and meaningful note. Hmm.

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