Day 34: Soundwave Festival Scouting Report – Vol. 3

Seen that yesterday was one of those times where I left for work at 5:30am, and am just about to go home now at 8am the following morning…it was a pretty light day for adventures. I did listen to yet another band (we’ll get to that) and then threw all caution to the wind, dared the lightning, took the bull by the horns and…ate chocolate with nuts in it. I know…I know! I survived, FYI. Survived to tell more tale of Soundwave bands…

Ne Obliviscaris

In a sentence: Aussie prog metal.

STRAYA~! Always gotta rep the Aussie bands when I can (except that fuckwit Aussie deathcore band from last year that had security beaten up in Brisbane…wow I can’t even remember their name to be honest. Good. Stupid assholes.) Anyway, this is super cool. There’s really no way of talking about an experimental band that combines heavy extreme metal and classical music into 12 minute songs with farcical titles without sounding pretentious…and making them sound pretentious. But that’s what we’re dealing with here, and it’s awesome. They create such a far-reaching, soaring sound. Woah yep…that sounded pretentious as hell. But damn…they can play. Needs to be experienced.

Chances: Yes. I am so up for this.

The Bennies

In a sentence: Aussie punk rock.

STRAYA~! This is some straight up punk rock, and God damn…I like it. This is exactly what Aussie punk rock should sound like – sunny, happy, laid back songs about getting on the piss, smoking weed and having a good time. Clearly very relevant to my life…but hey, this sounds like summer. And wow, I just heard them sample “Eric B Is President”. Motherfucking win. I may have to check them out on principle just for that.

Chances: Growing exponentially. I may have to split my time between these guys and Ne Obliviscaris and do both. (Ahaha, leaving half an hour for Ne Obliviscaris…they might get through like one-and-a-half songs in that time.)

The Color Morale

In a sentence: Every screamo band ever.

I don’t mean that to sound dismissive, but these guys are in direct competition with both the above bands, and they are not making much of a challenge. I will say that the “I know, I know, I’m lost” hook from ‘Strange Comfort’ is pretty catchy. But apart from that, I mean it’s not bad by any means, I’m just…indifferent. And I have enough legitimately interesting screamo/emo bands on my radar already.

Chances: Literally everything else on at that time is a better option. Safely crossed off the list.

Crown the Empire

In a sentence: Much the same.

I feel like such a Get Off My Lawner when I start asking “Why do all screamo bands sound the same?” Again, there’s nothing wrong with these guys per se, but they’re not exactly making me want to spend 40 minutes of my hard-earned Soundwave time to see them live. They do a decent cover of “Burn” though, I’ll give em that, and they have some good songs that are slowly growing on me.

Chances: Not hopeless given the relative dearth of options at this time. Still, I’d rather something a bit more up my alley.


In a sentence: Definitely not another screamo band.

This may be the nicest band I’ve ever heard. They’re just…nice. Lovely songs. Sweet lyrics. Gentle, soft pop-punk songs. Nawww. I want to go and give them all a hug. Not just to make their sensitive little hearts whole again, but also because…I know they’d be cuddlers.

Chances: Probably depends on the state of my ovaries come Feb 28th.


In a sentence: Not as lovely as Fireworks.

This is filthy. And I mean that in a good way. This is sludgey, murky, droney death metal. Slow as molasses and about as thick as well. Makes you feel like you’re sinking into ever-hardening cement. I will say that these guys are excellent stress relief: after seeing South Korea equalise us during injury time of the Asian Cup Final, I needed something to calm my nerves and deaden my thoughts…and this was it. And it worked. Nice, relaxing sludge that it is. Wow, and I started out saying that they weren’t lovely! I take it all back.

Chances: The entire mid-afternoon-on-Saturday period is pretty open at this stage, so all of these bands do have a shot. I suppose I’ll have to decide whether I feel like the niceness of sludgey death metal, or the loveliness of pop punk, or something in between. Decisions, decisions.

Until next time, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

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