Old Habits Die Hard 2 (The Sequel)

Since I told myself to get my finger out a week ago I’ve actually been pretty good. Over the past week I’ve done a lot of new stuff: played a new game (Cards Against Humanity – highly recommend it), watched a new show (Galavant – highly recommend it), tried iced tea (yes, had never had iced tea before…this is the extent of my sheltered, one-note life folks), driven to a bunch of places I never had before (Manly, the scenic streets of Neutral Bay and Mosman, out to Windsor), read a new book (Gone Girl – frustrating, but possibly a rant for another day), checked out a bunch of new bands (next Soundwave Scouting Report imminent), sold things on eBay, dressed myself in the middle of a Maccas car park…all in all just really got around the idea of doing different stuff, even amidst the usual working week malaise.

But, as you can tell from looking at my blog, I just haven’t been writing about it. I conquered my inertia as far as the doing stuff goes, but now it has surfaced in my lack of clickety-clacking, and half the reason for doing this stuff is so that I can write about it. My laziness pops up relentlessly like a Whack-A-Mole – if it’s not one thing, it’s another. The struggle. It is real.

So anywho, new resolution to go on the list with all the other resolutions I’ve made so far, trying to bargain with my lesser nature in order to get this done.


Kindly hunker the fuck down and start writing this blog properly and consistently. That’s an order, asshole.

Yours sincerely,


So there we go. Tomorrow is a new day and all that other bullshit. And I shall get to work.

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