Soundwave Festival Scouting Report – Vol. 2

To follow up on my first post detailing the various bands I’m checking out before Soundwave, here is Volume 2 of my perusal of the lineup. This thing is just over a month away now (but who’s counting…me, I am, I’m counting!) and I’m starting to get a better idea of what my weekend is going to look like. You know, until they do the next draft of the timetable and I have to scrunch up all my carefully laid plans and start again. But hey.

Hollywood Undead

In a sentence: Inappropriate White People Rapping.

My God, the Inappropriate White People Rapping. So much Inappropriate White People Rapping. Multiple white dudes in masks rapping over metal guitars is a familiar gig, but instead of the horrorcore and ‘hood repping of ICP, Twiztid and the like, these guys have more lyrics about getting wasted in the club, being very emo and “started from the bottom now we’re here”-type rap clichés. Now, in principle I am always down for some Inappropriate White People Rapping. It’s one of my favourite things. But sadly the thing here is that…I’m not wild about this. I never got into ICP-style bands, and I haven’t started now. They’re not bad, I’m just…not sold that I want to spend 45 minutes of my life seeing them.

Chances of seeing them: Largely depend on whether I find a band that I enjoy more in the same timeslot. If I don’t, I’ll happily watch these guys. On principle.

Killer Be Killed

In a sentence: Max Cavalera-led metal supergroup.

Now we’re talking! Lots to love here. The idea of seeing Max Cavalera play live is appealing. Greg Puciato is very appealing; I’ve been slowly falling for him since seeing Dillinger Escape Plan last year. The Soundwave shows are literally the first shows these guys will ever play as a band, so there’s a bit of history there too. Plus…this is some really good shit. Metal, metal, metal. Rawr.

Chances: Almost assured. I don’t see any real competition for my attention, and I am really psyched for these guys.

Twin Atlantic

In a sentence: Scottish.

What else do I need to say? They’re Scottish. Scottish! Swoon. Also they do sing cool indie rock kind of songs. In that cute little Scottish accent. Sigh.

Chances: Did I mention the Scottish? Yes this is fully happening. After the Sunday lunchtime one-two punch of manliness that will be Scottish singing and then Greg Puciato, I may need to take some me time and settle down so I can concentrate on the rest of the day.

Lower Than Atlantis

In a sentence: English emo stadium rock.

Very big, very radio-friendly. On the scale of big stadium bands with emo lyrics, they lean more towards Jimmy Eat World than Fall Out Boy. More straight up rocking. And more…English. But still…these guys wrote songs for 5 Seconds of Summer. And the absolute last thing I am is a snob towards boy bands, don’t get it twisted. But this is a bit pedestrian for me and as I have stated, my taste in bands and especially my taste in bands to see at Soundwave tends to run much heavier than this.

Chances: Very much hoping I find a better option during their timeslot.

Nothing More

In a sentence: Metal, with a little electro, a little rocking, a little screamo thrown in.

Here is an example of a better option. Some seriously heavy, banging tunes. I am also a big fan of the vocals and the lyrics. Great sound, and has that bite of vitriol without being too emo or overbearing. “This is the Time (Ballast)” is an amazingly catchy hard rock single (“Holding each other like ransom notes”…what a magical line). I can totally see myself standing and slightly nodding my head to these guys (it takes me some time to warm up to actual moshing, and they’re on pretty early).

Chances: Looking pretty damn good.


In a sentence: Irish indie rock.

I often say that I’m not the biggest fan of indie rock, indie music…sometimes I think I’m just not hearing the right stuff. This grabbed me right from the off, I really like them. Cool, catchy songs. “(Lady) Roll Back the Years” may be the individual song I’ve liked the most so far from all these bands I’ve sampled. They had me at the line:

“And I feel a long way from London /
And even further now from Dublin”

Everyone check it out.

Chances: Very likely that I’ll be opening up the Soundwave weekend with these guys. 11:10am Saturday, bright and early. Come at me, chilled folksy indie band!

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