Jogo Bonito…With Extra Onions

The Asian Cup is upon us, and last night I dragged a bunch of people out to watch Australia vs Oman. Honest to God I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the Socceroos play as well as they did yesterday. I suppose it helped that Oman were about as threatening to them as my All Age Ladies Division 2 team would have been, but the Socceroos have shit the bed or coasted versus lesser teams before. This was definitely not that. It was attacking, it was relentless, and it was soooo pretty. It was jogo bonito. It was how you’d always imagine they could play in the future…when we caught up to the rest of the world and had a real football team. Well…we have a real football team. In the same way that with the Wanderers having a European-style supporter base and winning the Asian Champions League, it feels like we have a real football club. It’s a great time to be a football fan in this country.

So bring on Iran vs Qatar! I’m sure it’s gonna be a barnburner. But what the hell, how often is a legit international tournament a stone’s throw away? I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

On Monday I did my bit for society by donating blood. And in addition to being the worst lesbian ever, it seems I am also a pretty terrible blood donor. My veins are notoriously cagey, and even though they managed to find one relatively easily, after a couple of minutes my blood stopped flowing for no immediately apparent reason and they had to pack in the whole thing. Way to go cardiovascular system! You suck! Better luck next time I guess. But you gotta do your part, and this is all in aid of getting around one of the Breakaways girls by donating plasma and platelets, so now I can get amongst that too. #blood4buns

Sunday I got to work a vigoro fundraising BBQ at Bunnings for the first time in forever, and I had my first go at manning the BBQ. There were no casualties from my cooking (that I’m aware of anyway) so at least there’s one thing I seem to not suck at. And doing the barbie is great fun for me – cooking I can manage and being able to chat to vigoro people without having to talk to customers is awesome. The perfect introvert job. I’m going to try to elbow our usual chefs out of the way at every BBQ now. To be honest they could probably do with a break since they always have to wield the tongs. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. I’m doing YOU a favour! (Pleasepleasepleaseletmecook!!!) They should be used to my begging and pleading, I usually sound much the same on a Saturday (“Pleasepleasepleaseletmekeep!!!”) I was the OG inordinately enthusiastic wicketkeeper, before inordinately enthusiastic wicketkeeping was cool. Now everybody wants that keeper’s trophy.

Man…I miss vigoro. Only (hopefully) three more sleeps!

(For reals though, look at this OCD BBQing…)


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