Worst. Lesbian. Ever.

I really am. It’s official.

Went out on the town last night. With my lesbian friend. To Newtown, the lesbian hub of Sydney. With the intended aim of meeting some females.

…and ended up macking on with a cute guy named Ben.

Not that I’m complaining. He was really cute. But the ineptitude I continually show as a homosexual never ceases to amaze me. I need someone to teach me how to be a gay. I fucking suck at it.

Today’s romantic adventure was a Blind Date With a Book. I already have a stack of books waiting to be read, and we all know that the only cure for that is to add to the pile by buying more books. But I’ve wanted to try it ever since I heard of the idea, and I came across a selection today, so I made a date. I guess we’ll just see if I’m a better lover of books than I am a lover of women. We can only hope.

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