“I’m out my ramen noodle”

I’m starting to realise how difficult this undertaking is going to be when I have a million things to do and accidentally sleep in until midday. So hard to set aside enough time for spontaneity.

Nevertheless I did try one new thing today. I had ramen for lunch. Haha as I’ve said, it all counts! I mean I’ve eaten ramen before, but not of my own volition, always with friends. Usually if I walk into a food court I head straight to Maccas. But, as the newly-minted embracer of the new that I am, I turned my stomach elsewhere.

Gonna be completely honest…my choice of meal may have been partially (read: wholly) influenced by this line continually rattling around in my head:

“I’m out my ramen noodle
we have nothing in common poodle
I’m a Doberman
Pinch yourself in the arm and pay homage pupil..”

Eminem – Rap God. Who says rap isn’t educational? Those prophetic words lead me to make a good decision today. Thanks, Eminem.

‘Rap God’ is an amazing, amazing song by the way. That is some next level shit. It knocked me to the ground when I first head it over a year ago, and ever since I’ve been trying so hard to nail it. I’m almost there. I was scared for a moment that the rapid-fire sections are just too fast for me to get my mouth around, and began having horrific flashbacks to my previous failures at ‘Slow Jamz’ and the like. Curse my white girl mouth and surrounding muscles! But I’m regaining hope that I will be able to reproduce it verbatim one day very soon.

It is also occurring to me that I’m going to be filling up slow news days with whatever inane thoughts come to mind. I can ramble with the best of them, but there’s only so many words I can buy with “I had ramen for lunch today.” So my apologies in advance for such riveting tales as the above update on my white girl rapping exploits.

UPDATE: Just as I thought my adventures were over for the day, my best friend comes to the rescue by springing random crafts on us to brighten our evening. Hells yes I want to make loombands and tie-dye things! Tick and tick! I’ve never been more grateful for the fact that my best friend is, in fact, a five year old trapped in a twenty five year old’s body. For the post-pubescent, loombands are these tiny colourful rubber bands that little kids twist together to make bracelets and other assorted pieces of little kid jewellery. So I now know how to loomband – a vital life skill in case I am accosted in the near future by an unruly mob of children wanting to adorn themselves with fluorescent rubber trinkets. Sorted.

It’s amazing how the list of things I haven’t done yet keeps growing and growing the more I’m thinking about it. I can’t recall ever actually tie-dyeing anything before. Check it off the list. I am now also prepared in case I am accosted in the near future by hippies in need of extra clothing. Already this project is making me better equipped to go out into the world. How gratifying.


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