I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Or Probably Not Even.

“I never sleep /
’cause sleep is the cousin of death”
– Nas ‘N.Y. State of Mind’

Brother had it bang on. While Nas had the streets of New York keeping him up, I have…my life. Clearly they are equally perilous, because I can’t sleep like a normal person anymore. It began when I broke my leg and it was too uncomfortable to sleep in a cast (I’m a tosser-and-turner from way back…not being able to move around in bed without difficulty is a form of torture). You just get used to being awake all night. Wifey goes on holiday and I’m running on American Pacific Time because this conversation needs to continue. I work unorthodox hours so I have the luxury of sleeping through the morning when I don’t have to get up. It all adds up. But then there are times when I DO have to get up, and I know this, and my body still refuses to let me sleep while I can. Well let’s be honest, it’s not so much my body as my overactive mind. Continue reading

Soundwave Festival Scouting Report – Vol. 2

To follow up on my first post detailing the various bands I’m checking out before Soundwave, here is Volume 2 of my perusal of the lineup. This thing is just over a month away now (but who’s counting…me, I am, I’m counting!) and I’m starting to get a better idea of what my weekend is going to look like. You know, until they do the next draft of the timetable and I have to scrunch up all my carefully laid plans and start again. But hey. Continue reading

Pro Wrestling and the Tragedy of Falling Out of Love

I had a really great Australia Day long weekend, filled with many little new experiences, and I was all set to write all about it when a curious thing happened. I got home last night and my mother (fellow wrestling enthusiast) asked, “Do you want to know what happened at the Royal Rumble?” And my immediate reaction was that…no, I didn’t. I honestly didn’t care. And that was a strange moment of realisation for me. I am not in love with wrestling anymore. Continue reading

Live Blog: Qatar vs Bahrain, Asian Cup 2015

So I’m on my way down towards ANZ Stadium for another Asian Cup group game, this time Qatar vs Bahrain for the ignominy of coming last in their group. Gonna be a barnburner! As this time I’m fairly certain this will be a low-key evening for me, I figure why not use this time and blog about it. Sure I’m not live blogging about the destruction of my marriage or anything, but still, strap yourselves in. Continue reading

Soundwave Festival Scouting Report – Vol. 1

Soundwave is less than six weeks away now. I am inordinately excited about this. I mean, I’m just saying, I may mention it once or twice between now and then. And while in the general living of my life I would probably be considered the most disorganised person on earth, my annual sojourn to Soundwave transforms me, savant-like, into a hyper-organised obsessive compulsive. I spend an outrageous amount of time beforehand planning out a rigid minute-by-minute schedule to adhere to, like some anal retentive drill sergeant putting myself through maneuvers. Soundwave is not a festival for me. It is a mission. Continue reading